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Jul 25, 2018

Global experts discuss how to ace an interview, landing your next big promotion and the skills that set top-performing project professionals apart. In this episode, you'll hear from career experts ... 


Manuel Salero Coca, managing director for PIN Technologies in Mexico City, about what it takes to become a project leader in a global company—and even start your own business.


Lindsay Scott, director of program and project management recruitment for Arras People in London, shares some of the hiring trends she’s seen taking shape in the U.K.


Deepa Kalangi, senior project manager at Magellan Health in Portland, Oregon, USA, offers tips to help job seekers answer the toughest project management interview questions.


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Key Themes:

[1:15] In-demand project management skills

[4:53] How to impress a hiring manager

[6:59] Answering impossible interview questions

[9:47] The project management talent gap

[13:48] Becoming your own boss

[17:48] What sets top performers apart

[19:30] Building trust with your team