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Nov 14, 2018

What does it takes to be an effective leader in a rapidly shifting business environment? Guests discuss in-demand leadership skills—and how to keep fast-moving projects on track.

Barry Draskovich, PMP, vice president of program and contract management at Parker Aerospace in Irvine, California, USA, shares four skills project professionals should develop if they want to rise up in the ranks

Robert Safian, the founder of The Flux Group and former editor of Fast Company, discusses his research on leadership in the age of flux, how to maintain a strategic mindset when the market is shifting fast and the skills that set the best leaders apart.

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Key Themes:
[00:30] How leadership is evolving
[04:30] In-demand skills to sharpen
[08:10] Leading in the age of flux
[14:28] Reshaping the talent pool
[16:13] Outside-in vs. inside-out leadership
[18:18] What sets the best leaders apart